An error has occurred on the renewal invoices for those who must pay the “no work day” fee. The renewal invoice says pay $75.00. That is incorrect for 2016. It should have read pay $60.00. The new work day rate begins in 2017.

Those members who were age 65 on January 1, 2016 and those members who are recognized as disabled, being unable to perform a workday are exempt from the No workday fee.

Return your $100 dues and if you did no work day $60.00 not $75.00. If you have already sent your renewal and have over paid, Red Brush will give you a credit toward your next year renewal or you may request $15.00 refund.

Board of Directors


The range will be suspending the lifetime membership dues increase until renewal time in December. This will give membership the opportunity to take advantage of the original price before the dues are increased. Lifetime dues will be increased from $750 to $1000 in December. To be eligible for a lifetime membership at Red Brush Rifle Range, you must be a lifetime member of the NRA. Everyone, including lifetime members, are still subject to the workday requirement.


The club is always looking for more bowling pins for the Thursday night bowling pin event. Anyone who could help or knows someone who could help with this, please call Charlie Hallam (812) 424-2358. Thank you!

Red Brush Rifle Range is a full-featured rifle range in Southern Indiana, just east of Evansville.

The range consists of a 500 yard rifle bay, a 375 yard rifle bay, a 100 yard rifle/pistol bay, and 4 additional pistol bays (with ranges of 50-100 yards). View range photos here.

We are host to numerous competitive shooting events, including high-power rifle, submachine gun, handgun and rifle silhouette, .22 bowling pin shooting, steel shooting, IPSC, IDPA, and SASS (cowboy) matches. While we don’t have formal trap or skeet setups, members are free to bring their own traps and practice their shotgun skills.

While visitors are welcome at sanctioned shooting events, unlimited access to the range requires club membership.



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Applications are now being openly accepted for Red Brush Rifle range! Visit the Membership Applications page for more information on how to download your application and join.