Gentlemen, the Red Brush Board of Directors, in accordance to the Governor of Indiana’s reopening steps, has agreed to allow previously scheduled matches to resume beginning Sunday, May 31, 2020.
In regards to CDC guidelines, the BOD has established the following protocols for these events:

  1. On line registration with waiver of liability, course of fire, and other paper documents to
    be transmitted electronically.
  2. Squads of ten or less.
  3. Squad leaders to perform safety briefings.
  4. Social distancing required. (Exception: parents should remain close to their children monitoring
    for safe firearm handling.)
  5. Mask are to be encouraged.
  6. Scoring tablets, timers to be sanitized after each use.

Match Directors are to make call on enforcement of these protocols.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Red Brush

Red Brush will open for your enjoyment on April 4, 2020. Please be cognizant of the fact that this opening does not mean the end to the coronavirus that is devastating parts of Indiana and the U. S. This is a highly contagious and potentially deadly virus. Every time you leave the sanctuary of your home you are placing yourself and your family at risk. As the range is now open please be respectful of other members and continue to practice the recommended CDC guidelines of keeping a safe social distance (6 feet), practicing personal hygiene-thorough hand washing, and remaining at home if ill.  It is recommended that individuals bring their own hand sanitizing solution for their personal use. In adherence to the CDC guidelines the range is required to designate a time for use for those individuals “who are elderly and vulnerable”. Therefore, each Tuesday and Thursday, from 6:30 AM to 12:00 PM (noon) will be set aside for those members who fall within this requirement.

At this time all shooting events are cancelled through May 31, 2020. (Please watch for email alerts signaling the return of these events.) We are recommending that members use the range solely for themselves and immediate family. Bringing guest(s) to the range at this time is being discouraged.

The bathrooms and members room will remain open. However, please be aware that they will not be sanitized after each use. Use these facilities at your own risk.


Joe Lutz

Red Brush Rifle Range is a full-featured rifle range in Southern Indiana, just east of Evansville.

The range consists of a 500 yard rifle bay, a 375 yard rifle bay, a 100 yard rifle/pistol bay, and 9 additional pistol bays (with ranges of 50-100 yards)

The hours for firearms usage is: 6:00 AM through 10:30 PM Sunday through Thursday and 6:00 AM through 12:00 AM Friday and Saturday.

We are host to numerous competitive shooting events, including Precision Rifle Challange (PRS), IDPA, Steel Challenge, Bowling Pin, Sub-Gun, Military Rifle Match, AR-15 Match, Appleseed, and more. While we don’t have formal trap or skeet setups, members are free to bring their own traps and practice their shotgun skills.

While visitors are welcome at sanctioned shooting events, unlimited access to the range requires club membership.