Range mailing address:

Red Brush Rifle Range Inc.
P.O. Box 422
Newburgh, IN 47629-0422

President Joe Lutz (General questions regarding club policies)

Vice-President Mike Rasche (Application & renewal questions, address updates, etc.)

Membership Chairman Mike Maurer (Manager of Membership data base)

Treasurer Bob Lawrence (Financial questions, insurance policy updates, etc.)

Secretary John Fickas (Meeting agenda, minutes of prior meetings)

Newsletter Editor Dwain Short (Submissions for newsletter)

Range Officer Frank Findley (Questions regarding safety, training, range rules, etc.)

Range Event Scheduler Robert Adams (Questions regarding range events and scheduling.)

Range Safety Officer Charlie Hallam (Non-firearms safety questions about range property, buildings, etc.)

Grounds Chairman Jeff Webber (Range maintenance issues/projects, workdays, etc.)

Webmasters Darrell or Chris (Questions regarding the website itself, match results for posting)