.22 Rimfire Bench Rest Rifle

Match name: .22 Rimfire Bench Rest Rifle Match

Schedule: See newsletter calendar of events, or online match schedule.

Cost: $15.00 per match

Firearms used: .22 Rimfire Bench Rest Rifles:

13.5 lb Class with any scope

10.5 lb Class with any scope

Sporter Class (7.5 lb or less, with scope of 6.5X or less)

Usual number of rounds needed: Usually 100 rounds or less.

Other equipment needed (in addition to eye and ear protection): Spotting scope, rifle rest, rear bag, wind flags.

Targets: IR 50/50 and ARA-sanctioned targets.

Format: Per IR 50/50 and ARA rules. (See United States Rimfire Association and American Rimfire Association websites for rules.)

Prizes: Some.

Contact persons:

Keith Lovan (klovan@webtv.net, phone 812-471-7027)

David Riess (davidriess1727@insightbb.com, phone 812-838-2082)