AR Match

Red Brush Rifle Range
AR Match Wednesday’s @ 6PM

3299 Eble Rd, Newburgh, IN 47630

Match: 10 rounds at 100 yd—(2) “sighter shots” allowed
10 rounds at 200 yd—(2) “sighter shots” allowed
X-ring used to break ties. All scores will be judged by two RO’s

Match requirements
1. Eye protection
2. Ear protection
3. Chamber flag installed while not shooting.
4. No mags in AR when not shooting
5. No one at bench with AR while people are down range
6. Bi-pods only for front support
7. Shooter must hold stock to shoulder—no rear support, sand bags, or mono-pods allowed
8. Score’s will be tallied by RO’s
9. All shooters must sign their own target
10. Please hold noise down while firing line is “Hot”
11. No “show & tell” with fire arms while match is in progress
12. All AR’s must be pointed down range while on shooting bench.
13. Any optic allowed.
14. No armor piercing or tracer ammo allowed
15. 15 minute per target rounds.
16. Cross-fires will be scored the best ten rounds in each target.
17. Any AR platform and calibers allowed.

Any questions, please call the match director Jerry Miller 270-724-6194

Class Announcement

Wednesday night AR Match Director Jerry Miller is announcing an additional class
for the next 12 week session starting May 2nd. Match begins at 6:00 PM.
The two classes will be Open, which is what the match has been shooting.
Stock is the new class and is exactly that, a stock AR.
The cost is $5 per class and you can shoot your stock AR in Open if you want.
Cash payback for winners.

Open Class:
Pretty much anything goes on an AR platform in an AR caliber. Only limit is no monopods, rifle
supported by bipod and shooter’s shoulder. Bring your 50 Beowulf if you want.

Stock Class:
20 inch barrel or less
20 power optics or less
No added weight
3 lb. trigger or more
Standard purchased folding bipod
.223 or 5.56×45 caliber only
Ammo must fit in magazine (2.260 maximum)
No monopod, rifle on shooter’s shoulder
Eye and ear protection required
2 sighters per round at 100 and 200 yrds
10 shots for record on paper target
X count breaks ties