Red Brush Steel

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Match name:
Red Brush Steel, hosted by the Indiana Practical Pistol Shooters. (This match is open to the public.)

2nd Sunday of the month March through October.
All match registration should be done online at
Online registration for every match will open on Saturday two weeks before the match.
Online registration will close on Saturday 8:00pm the day before the match.
Please follow the registration procedures listed on the PractiScore website.
Final check-in and payment will be done at Red Brush on match day.
Setup starts at 7:00am.
Check-In starts at 8:00am and ends at 8:50am.
New Shooter Meeting starts at 8:30am. If you have never shot this match before then please arrive early enough to attend this meeting!
Match starts at 9:00am.

$5 for adults. Juniors under 18 shoot for free.

Firearms used:
Divisions for virtually all handguns, including single & double-action revolvers, open & limited centerfire pistols, carry optics, single stack 1911, and 22LR open & limited pistols. There are also divisions for 22LR rifles and pistol caliber carbine rifles with iron sights or optics.

Usual number of rounds needed:
At least 150 rounds, if you never miss. [You will miss so bring extra ammo!]

Other equipment needed:
Eye and ear protection is required for everyone, including spectators!
Holster, belt, mag pouches, and extra mags for centerfire handguns.
Extra mags for rimfire rifle, pistol caliber carbine rifle, and rimfire pistol (shot from low-ready position so no holster needed).
Every rimfire pistol will be required to have the bolt locked open, a chamber flag inserted, and be bagged / cased between stages.
Every pistol caliber carbine or rimfire rifle will be required to have a chamber flag inserted, be carried with the barrel pointing up, and be bagged or placed in a carrier rack between stages.

All steel. 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ round plates, 18×24″ rectangles.

With a few exceptions, courses of fire consist of 5 non-reactive steel plates, one of which is a designated stop plate. Each shooter will shoot each stage 5 times, with the best 4 runs counting for score. Missed plates or late shots incur a 3 second penalty each. The match will generally consist of 5 or 6 such stages. Since there is no steel to reset, stages run quickly with squads simply needing to put fresh paint on the targets between shooters (and pick up brass if desired)

Contact person:
Alan Cox (
Pete Tofani (