Tactical Rifle Match

Match name: Tactical Rifle Match

Oct 29, 2017 match will be at the range of Isaac Frank in Celestine, IN


Red Brush tactical rifle matches consist of shots from 100 to 525 yards. Typical target size is 1 moa, most are larger. Target construction is reactive steel of various shapes. Round count is 70 to 85 rounds per match. Typical stages will consist of 6 to 10 shots, as many as 8 to 9 stages will be shot. Some stages have a time limit, some do not. Shooting positions will vary from prone with bipod and rear bag to a variety of obstacles. Ladders, spools, step barricades, tires, are common supports, over the top, inside, and around vehicles may be used also. Most matches will require some movement under time but it is not physically demanding. Any caliber is allowed with a bullet diameter of .223 to .308. Velocity is limited to 3200 fps to decrease the chance of target damage. The match designs vary from month to month, some stages are repeated on a monthly basis but most are new and unshot. New shooters are welcome, match fee is 10 dollars, you do not need to be a member to participate.

Schedule: See calendar of events or newsletter announcement for dates. Match instructions and match begin at 9:00am.

Cost: $8.00 per entrant

Firearms used:
bullet Minor-scoring Caliber: Rifle chambered in .243 or less.
bullet Major-scoring Caliber: Rifle chambered in .244 or larger.

Usual number of rounds needed: 40-50 rounds per match.

Other equipment needed (in addition to eye and ear protection): Only support aids allowed are rifle-mounted bipods and one rear bag.

Targets: Variable. May include IPSC, IDPA, humanoid photo targets, law enforcement tactical targets, hostage targets. Bonus targets are possible.

Format: Normal matches will have two or more shooters on the line with a time limit per stage. Each match will have several challenges from accuracy stages to distance stages. Targets will be located from 150 yards to 535 yards.

Prizes: Bragging rights.

Contact person: Tom Ancona (phone 812-477-0443 in evening, or 812-483-9692 cell)