Emergency Alert Email List

Over the last couple of years, the Board has seen the utility of being able to do mass emailings to our membership. We try not to abuse the privilege of having access to some of our members email addresses. Over the last 2 years, I think we’ve sent out 5 emails, but each had to do with the unexpected closing of the range or cancellation of the membership meeting due to having no power at the clubhouse. When things move this fast, there is no time for an [expensive] notification by U.S. mail, and we can’t phone 600 members with this info. Nor do we want to risk your wrath when some of you drive up to an hour or two to get to the range and find it closed.

The problem is that we only have the email addresses of those who have chosen to have the club newsletter delivered electronically (about a third of our membership). For those who still want a hardcopy newsletter, but who want to be on our urgent notification email list, please click this link and send an email to MailList@redbrush.org, with “SUBSCRIBE RB-Alerts” as the subject, and this will put you on our emergency alert email list. Make sure you send this from the address where you want to receive any urgent emails (or send it once from work and once from home if you want alerts delivered to both addresses).

  • To: MailList@redbrush.org
    Subject: SUBSCRIBE RB-Alerts
    Body: YourFirstName YourLastName (e.g., John Smith)

Again, there is no need to do this if you are already on our Newsletter list. If you do, you’ll receive duplicate copies of any urgent emails, as we will send them to both the Newsletter list as well as the RB-Alerts list. And if you do want to get the newsletter by email, and save us a bunch on mailing costs, go to this link.