Annual Fall Full-Auto Pumpkin Shoot (November 2003)

As has become tradition, this year’s full auto pumpkin shoot followed a theme, namely the pursuit and elimination of Saddam and his two sons Uday and Qusay. Like any military operation, this began with reconnaissance of the area, resulting in the location of 2 uniformed guards, a presidential palace, and far back on the hill, Saddam and his sons (conveniently labeled with signs):

Commander-in-Chief Brent Weil briefed the troops on their mission, while the troops loaded mags, filled their water cooled machine gun jackets, and walked off the jitters:

Shortly thereafter, smoke was seen coming from the presidential palace, apparently due to incompetent palace guards setting themselves on fire while trying to set explosives:

With the onset of conflict imminent, Bob Tribble took the first shot with a rocket, and soon all the belt-gunners joined in the ruckus. One of the shorter gunners had to stand on a chair to see his sights:

In this sequence, one of the guards loses his head, and it’s not long before he’s completely taken out of the picture:

And don’t think that our guys didn’t have casualties.  This unlucky .30 cal operator overheated his weapon, and his coolant drain hose turned into a hissing cobra:

With the worst of the enemy taken out, the flamethrowers were sent in to mop up and torch the palace (and apparently at least one low-flying aircraft):

But wait! A last minute wave of pumpkin reinforcements arrive, requiring the troops to use their submachine guns to re-secure the area:

Thankfully, the mission is accomplished, and all that is left is picking up the brass and spent ammo belts.

Thanks to the full-auto folks for putting on a great show!