Cowboy Action Shooters

Match name: Cowboy Action Shooters

Schedule: See calendar of events or newsletter announcement for dates. Sign-up at 9:00 am, matches start at 10:00am.

Cost: $15.00

Firearms used: Two single action pistols of .32 caliber or greater, a period-appropriate lever action rifle of .32 caliber or greater, and a double-barrel or pump shotgun. Pump shotguns must have exposed hammers.

Usual number of rounds needed: 100 rounds for rifle and handgun, 25 rounds for shotgun.

Other equipment needed (in addition to eye and ear protection): Holsters, belts, and attire consistent with the late 1800’s. Boots, jeans, and shirt will do. No athletic shoes, T-shirts, or baseball caps.

Targets: Cardboard and steel targets of various shapes.

Format: Per Single Action Shooting Society rules. For more information, go to the SASS web page at

Prizes: Plaques for top 3 finishers.

Contact person: Ray Ko at (812) 426-0793.