International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC)

This match is currently inactive at Red Brush. If you’re interested in helping revive this match, contact

Match name: International Practical Shooting Confederation, hosted by the Indiana Practical Pistol Shooters.

Schedule: Special Classifier matches scheduled twice per year on a second Sunday of the month (see Match Schedule for exact dates). Otherwise, there will be an informal practice session and classifier shot on the 2nd Thursday of April – October, excluding months we shoot a Special Classifier match. Signup for the Special Classifier matches starts at 9:30am, with the match starting at 10:00am. The Thursday night practice sessions will start around 5:30, and run as late as there is interest. (But be aware that we might also break off and shoot the Thursday night .22 Bowling Pin Match at 7:00pm, so bring your .22 as well.)

Cost: For the Special Classifier matches, cost is $20 for the primary shooter, spouses shoot for $10, and Juniors (under 18) shoot for free. For the Thursday night practice sessions, cost is $3 per classifier per gun.

Firearms used: Any firearm 9mm or larger caliber.

Usual number of rounds needed: Approximately 100 rounds.

Other equipment needed (in addition to eye and ear protection): Holster, belt, mag pouches.

Targets: Standard IPSC cardboard targets, eight inch steel plates, pepper poppers, US poppers.

Format: Combat pistol match run according to IPSC/USPSA rules. Score consists of points divided by time, weighted on each stage by number of rounds. For more information, go to the USPSA web site at Shooters are divided into divisions based on firearm (Open/Limited/Limited-10/Production/Revolver) and classes based on skill level (Grandmaster, Master, A, B, C, D).

Prizes: Bragging rights for the month.

Contact person: Gene Flick (, phone 812-421-9117).