2002 Friends of NRA Pistol Classic

A very special thanks to all those who helped make this happen. This pictures are by no means all-inclusive. More or less in order, we see Drew Price and Bob Simonsen icing down the drinks, while Ed & Barb Walter prepare their cooking/grilling area. Charlie Hallam sets up the balloon side match (shooting helium balloons in a brisk breeze can be challenging!), and runs a shooter through the course. Johnny Walker R.O.’s while shooters take their shots at “The Texas Star.” Barb & Ed keep their lunch customers happy, while Friends of NRA chairman Brent Weil sets bowling pins. Meanwhile, one of Mike Rasche’s boys (sorry, I can’t keep them straight) mows them down in an unbelievable show of speed. Meanwhile on the Steel Challenge bay, my son Josh Flick R.O.’s Bob Simonsen. In the stats shack, Kevin Snodgrass and Becky Hallam finalize the data in the scoring program, while the ever-optimistic shooters enjoy the air-conditioned members’ room, waiting for their name to be called. In the end, however, it’s Brent Weil who wins the .22 pistol (is anybody surprised?), generously donated by Brent McReynolds of Woodsmans Outdoor.