June 24-25 – 25 Meter Event

August 19 – Pistol Clinic

October 21-22 – Known Distance Event – 500 Yards

Project Appleseed Celebrates 17th Year at Red Brush!

It has been 17 years since Project Appleseed began hosting classes at Red Brush.  The first shoot had 157 participants and made the news, not only in Evansville but across the country.  Please see the enclosed 2006 news article reprint “Gunning for tradition” from the local Evansville Courier and Press.

Every year thousands of people wanting to become more proficient with their rifles come to an Appleseed shoot.  There they are taught safe handling, steady shooting positions, sling usage, the six steps of firing a shot, natural point of aim, and other skills necessary to hit standard size targets out to 500 yards.  All this is done in a family-friendly, all-ages-welcomed manner without a ‘boot camp’ attitude. 

But even more important than the marksmanship training, participants are exposed to stories of our country’s founders and the sacrifices they made on April 19, 1775  at Lexington and Concord. The events of this day set the colonies on a course to become the United States of America.  This history, which once was a staple of grade, middle, and high school curriculum, is barely touched upon in public schools these days!

More information on these programs and how to register for an event can be found at  And to see what it is like to participate in an Appleseed shoot, see this write up by noted firearms expert Massad Ayoob in Backwoods Home magazine:

If you have any questions about attending an Appleseed event, please email Appleseeed Instructor Ben Swartz at