The Red Brush Precision Rifle Challenge consists of shots from 100 to 515 yards. Targets are reactive steel of various shapes and sizes ranging from 1 – 2 ½ MOA. Typical course of fire is 8 stages, each having their own time limit, and each consisting of 8-10 rounds for an average max round count of 80. Occasional bonus stages may require extra ammunition. Shooting positions will vary from prone with bipod and rear bag support, to a variety of obstacles, including, but not limited to: ladders, spools, stepped barricades, tires, vehicles, cattle gates, hay rings, etc. Matches will require some movement under time, but nothing that it too physically demanding. Any caliber will a bullet diameter of .223 to .308 is allowed (NO MAGNUM CALIBERS). Velocity is limited to 3200 fps to minimize damage to targets. Match designs vary from month to month. Some stages will be repeated each month. However, we strive to come up with new and unique shooting scenarios each month. New shooters are welcome and encouraged. You’ll be hard pressed to find another shooter who isn’t willing to help a new shooter out in any way possible. You need not be a member to participate.

Schedule: Typically, the last Sunday of every month. (See calendar of events or newsletter for dates.)

Setup: 7:00 AM, Sign in: 8:00, Safety Brief and Shooter’s Meeting: 8:30 AM, Match: 9:00 AM (shooters must attend safety brief.

Match Fee: $20 – Paid at registration


Firearms used: Bolt action or Semi-auto rifle from .223 to .308 with a max. velocity of 3200 fps. NO MAGNUM CALIBERS. Rifles that are not capable of holding 10 rounds can compete but will be at a distinct disadvantage.

Targets: Reactive steel such as: IPSC, squares, circles, diamonds, various animals.

Prizes: Trophies are awarded to the top 5 competitors overall at each match.

Contact person: Adam Leonberger (phone 812-306-5584)

Facebook: Red Brush Precision Rifle Challenge Series